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Engineered Solutions:

Innovative ideas are the driving force to success with proper leadership and dedication. These ideas will promote your products to the market and also allow for further product development.


Network Solutions:

Providing a rich environment for the nourishment of IT Infrastructure and its respective applications.

Mobile Computing:
Development of the finest cust

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Nixsol Inc. provides the highest quality solutions that are designed to help our clients manage and derive success. Our solutions and advice are powered by our extensive expertise in the industry that enables us to provide and deliver a state of the art experience to our clients.Our precise solutions are supported by the immense training and robust teamwork that allows us to compete with top tier companies.


Nixsol Inc. offers not only innovative IT solutions, but those

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Define IT, Define Business, Define Leadership

Nixsol has grown to be one of the most versatile IT solutions companies excelling on four pillars. Nixsol stresses professionalism, project management, and commitment towards its clients, consumers, and staff. 

Do you want your idea to become reality and lead you to success?

Feel free to give us a call where we can make your talent and innovation into success.

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Nixsol has been known to be one of the most reliable pioneers in the IT industry, delivering services that
are not only effective but durable. We are a team of HIGHLY TRAINED AND QUALIFIED professionals with a driving passion to support and aid our customers to success.

Nixsol is an IT solutions company with a deep background and over 75 years experience in the IT field.We at Nixsol are equipped with the proper dedication and leadership qualities coming from several unique and critical IT specializations aimed for perfection. 

Nixsol is headquartered in New Jersey, USA and was incorporated in 2004. Nixsol has only faced a consistent and healthy growth every year by building Strategic Relationships with its clients but is continually go

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